Wednesday, July 28, 2010

design or functions?

m sure that most of us have at least 1 hand phone right? as we all knows there are lots of choices in the market n the phone company will never stop producing new models from time to time. so, if u wanna buy a phone what will come first to ur mind? have u ever heard about this site provides u with lots of information n reviews on every phone that has been produced by phone company. even if u don't have any 'dream phone' on ur mind, u can find one by filling phone criteria that u want in phone finder which located at the bottom left of the homepage of this website is very useful for those who want to keep track of the phone market. 

after u have confirmed which phone u want to buy, i would like to suggest u to buy it from forum [this link will bring u to mobile phone n related accessories section] there are lots of dealers as well as individual person who are trying to sell of their phones. new phone? original or AP set? singapore set? used phone? u could find any categories of phone there. 

one of the great seller i've known from there is HIMON. well, my bf also got most of his phones from him n recommend him to his friends. when i got my phone, the condition was perfect! no scratches at all. i was really grateful that i could get such a wonderful set with cheaper price. if u don't trust buying phone online, u might also buy directly from the seller. other than lowyat, u can also find cheap phone through i've never buy anything from there though. cuz i've heard lots of fraud cases happened before. 

which one is more important to u if u want to buy a new phone? is it the design or the functions?
which one will be the most important aspect that the phone should have?
as for me, i would go for the design. :D
maybe because m a girl, so i put upfront the design instead of functions. 
i got my first phone when i was in form 3. my parents bought me a very cute little phone; Nokia 8250 or also known as 'butterfly'.

pic credit to Google

i love this phone so much and the vibration is very powerful. lol. it shocked me sometimes when there is new message or incoming call. 
unfortunately, due to my habit changing sim cards so many times, the battery become loose n cause the phone switches off itself. 

then, my sister gave me another phone. Nokia 2300. it has RADIO. i was so excited that time cuz i could listen to the radio while studying for my SPM. hihi.
pic credit to Google

m still having this phone. its durable. even it has fall for so many times but still, it can function well. after got SPM result, my uncle gave me some money to buy new phone. then, i chose Sony Ericsson K530i.
pic credit to Google
this phone also still in a good condition. 
it just went crazy when i was simply looking to get a new phone last year.  
it turns off itself so many times which annoyed me so much. so i've decided to get a new phone. 
Sony Ericsson G900

pic credit to Google
this is the first phone i bought through from a girl called Alvia. 
but due to the network problem, i sold it off for rm200 n get another phone; Samsung S8300

pic credit to Google
it is also known as Samsung Ultratouch. my first slide phone ever. i really love this phone!
it is red, touchscreen, 8MP n etc. n da best thing is, i got this phone with 2nd hand price 
but the condition was superb with no scratches at all! n the camera is 8MP which makes the taken picture turns out nicely. but it takes time to capture the picture. maybe due to the big resolution picture? m not sure.
here are some pictures taken from my phone

so, do u agree with me? this phone is awesome right?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KTM INTERCITY ATTENTION!!!! khas untuk semua yg bergelar 'pelajar'!! pihak KTM ada buat tawaran 'KAD SAHABAT INTERCITY'. for those yg selalu travel by train, u guys should grab this opportunity quickly! sebab dengan kad ni, korang boleh dapatkan diskaun masa nak beli tiket. kad ni valid for 1 whole year n korang cuma perlu bayar rm30 je. memang berbaloi la utk korang2 yg hobinya balik rumah every weekend kan. tak pun saja nak jalan2 makan angin ke. memang jimat kalau ada kad ni. actually ada 2 pilihan. kad yg lagi satu dipanggil kad 1 Malaysia kalau tak silap n tak payah bayar kalau nak kad ni. tapi limited pulak. untuk shuttle train tak boleh dapat diskaun sedangkan aku memang duk berulang ke KL naik tu je. sebab tu aku pilih kad yg berbayar. 

aku memang prefer naik tren kalau nak pergi KL. senang. sebab turun kat KL Central. pastu memang senang gila nak pegi mana2 dari situ. macam2 ada kan. nak makan pun bole. nak shopping pun bole. kad ni aku buat kat KL Central. kejap gila nak apply ni. isi form n bayar. masa tu jugak dapat. tunggu few minutes je. tapi masa aku nak buat kad ni, ada salah faham sikit dengan akak yg keje KTM tu. macam ni ceritanya. bila dah sampai turn, aku dengan teruja pergi ke kaunter bawak borang, kad matrix [ni wajib ada taw] n rm30. benda pertama yg aku bagi; borang.

           akak KTM : nak kad yg mana?
aku tak dengar sangat apa dia cakap so aku agak je la dia nak tanya apa.
      yg aku dengar : naik dari mana?
aku pun pelik. aku bukan nak beli tiket pun. tapi aku laju2 jawab dengan penuh yakin
              aku yang sedikit pekak : saya selalu naik train ke Ipoh.
akak KTM pandang pelik. lepas tu terus sambung tengok borang. 
aku pun cepat2 hulur kad matrix beserta duit rm30 yg kat tangan dari tadi.
                          akak KTM : oh, nak apply kad diskaun pelajar ye. duduk dulu.

sambil aku jalan nak mendapatkan tempat duduk, terngiang-ngiang kat telinga apa yg akak tu tadi cakap. setelah aku fikir-fikir ayat yg logik, aku sedar sendiri yg aku dah salah dengar apa yg akak tu tanya. malu pun ada. aku gelak2 malu n cerita kat miza. jadi bahan pulak!akak tu la taknak cakap terang2. kan aku jawab benda yg takde kaitan langsung. padahal aku sendiri yg main hentam jawab. hehe. pas dah dapat kad, sangat excited n terus simpan sebab takut hilang. bila dah balik, baru perasan nama kat kad tu dah salah print. yg ni memang boleh blame akak tu sebab tak bole beza B dengan K. nama abah aku dia salah eja!! 

moral of the story:

  • LISTEN carefully what people ask you. ask that person to repeat the question if u couldn't hear what he/she is trying to say. it's good to have confidence in u but do not answer based on ur assumption.


Friday, July 23, 2010

perfumes ^^

i really love perfume!! i just love the smell and keep on buying it without realizing how many bottles i've already got in my room. lol. here i want to share some of my favorite perfumes. m lazy to snap their pictures, so i just 'googled' them. ^^

i really love this perfume. actually it has lots of choices with different colors. but i prefer the orange one; tropical passion. i've been using it since two years ago. bought it from Guardian. m not really sure bout its actual price. rm39.90 if m not mistaken. its affordable n have really nice scent. :) once i sprayed it over my clothes before going to bed. i was addicted. or maybe it's just me being crazy. :P

this perfume is my first choice after all. it's so delicious :D i feel like i wanna spray it all over my body! but the price is quite delicious too. but i bet u'll never regret buying this perfume. its worth it. :) 

now m using this perfume frequently cuz i want to finish it off asap n get another perfume :P 

perfumes not just give u nice smell but also can make u walk with confidence.*once spray the scent is in the air. people will notice u're there :)

INCEPTION, the dream is real...

have u plan anything for this weekend? well, if u're thinking to go to cinema, m strongly suggest INCEPTION!! i wasn't planning to watch it cause my bf said he wanted to watch Ong Bak 3. unfortunately, there's only separate seat left for that movie. SEPARATE seat?? hell noooooo~ how am i supposed to chat with him? thru messages? or talk or laugh loudly so that he can hear me? it will drive me crazy if we have to do that in the cinema. so we change to Inception.

after we bought the ticket, i saw the poster n i think its too mystery, there's only the main actor standing there alone. i don't get the meaning of it. in other word, i don't find it interesting at all!
but, never mind. as long as he's there to company me :)

even though i feel disappointed, but my feeling change right after the movie was started. n i just get more n more excited till the end of the movie. i was impressed by the idea cause i would never think of something which is very2 unique n different! going into someone's dream? its really awesome!! they did it like that thing is possible to do.what a brilliant idea!! n there's also funny scenes that make my laugh burst. :D 

here's the summary i got from IMDb (source)
Dom Cobb is a skilled thief, the absolute best in the dangerous art of extraction, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state, when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Cobb's rare ability has made him a coveted player in this treacherous new world of corporate espionage, but it has also made him an international fugitive and cost him everything he has ever loved. Now Cobb is being offered a chance at redemption. One last job could give him his life back but only if he can accomplish the impossible-inception. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: their task is not to steal an idea but to plant one. If they succeed, it could be the perfect crime. But no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare the team for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy that only Cobb could have seen coming. Written by Warner Bros. Pictures
for those who haven't watch this movie, please please please do not hesitate to watch it! trust me. its worth every penny :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my lunch :)

this is my lunch for today. i cooked it myself :) i called it 'ayam masak merah'.this is one of my favorite food n its really easy to cook. let me share it here with u all ^^

things that you should have:
ayam [potong ikut suka.i prefer bahagian yg banyak isi.cepat kenyang. :P]
cili kering [lebih kurang segenggam.depends on kuantiti ayam.]
*kalau takde/tak nak guna cili kering, pakai cili giling.
bawang merah~2 biji
bawang putih~1biji [optional ye. tak nak letak pon takpe]
bawang besar [hiriskan]
serai~1 batang [diketuk]
sos cili~1 sudu besar
serbuk perasa [ajinomoto]
serbuk kunyit
minyak masak
daun limau purut [optional. i suka letak. tambah sedap n wangi]

1. ayam yang sudah dibasuh, digaulkan bersama garam dan kunyit untuk digoreng. jangan goreng sampai garing, nanti keras.
2. blend kan bawang merah,bawang putih,halia,cili kering sehingga hancur. [jangan lupa letak air pulak.hehe ]
3. panaskan minyak, tumiskan bahan2 yg dah dikisar tadi. masukkan serai. kalau da naik minyak, masukkan sos cili. then,masukkan gula [lebih kurang 4 sudu], garam dan ajinomoto secukup rasa. kalau rasa ada yg kurang, tambah la sampai menepati citarasa. tambah sedikit air.
4. setelah mendidih, masukkan hirisan bawang besar,daun limau purut,dan ayam. kacau sehingga masak. dah siap =)

see. its so simple right ^^

p/s: i missed those time having lunch with my boyfie.
hmm....can't wait to see him again..

Small sized?

who said people with small size don't have problem to buy clothes? if you're having that thought, you are wrong! it takes longer time to find clothes that can fit nicely cuz you know, different brands got different cutting. as for me, m having problem to buy jeans. urgh!! it's really annoying when u really love that jeans but it's not your size. the waist are too lose n it doesn't feel right when u wear it. +_+ do not buy if it doesn't fit ya. u'll regret it later. for those who are having the same problem as me, lets go to MNG to buy our jeans. i would say the measurements are balanced. hmm. couldn't think any suitable words to describe it. oh ya,weekend is arriving so just go n experience it yourself!! ^^ i just got 1 grey skinny jeans[thanks to my syg :) well, he paid for it. haha. lucky me]

n girls with normal size, where did you go for jeans? i would like to recommend Applemints[for the ladies] and Orange Sorbet[for teenage girls] if you guys always go to Jusco.

for guys.. its rare to get small size shirts for guys right? i've got a few list where to get them. :D
- if you're looking formal shirts used for work, i suggest you to get it from here.
- you can find almost everything here. the jeans are nice, the suits,blazer n vests are awesome.
- the casual shirts' design looks really nice.
4)C@tch Up[Sunway Pyramid]

it is just my recommendation for those who are having the same problem like us[me n him] we are very fussy while choosing our clothes. so we pick only the best. ^^ n these shops have been 'bookmarked' so that we can go there again for shoppin!!! :D

Hot asian singer!

have u ever heard this name ; Lee Hyori? m totally crazy bout her right now. she's awesome. n she's different. i really love the way she is. it was really fun to see her especially on variety shows like Family Outing. Even though she's already 30++ but she still hot n sexy. :) try watch this video of her. its from a program called 'Off the Record' where they recorded a daily life of an artist. i just can't stop my self from watching it over n over again. i envy her :D

i've watched her mini drama; If in them. n i cried watching it. the story is about a girl named Ina. she started her career as a singer by wearing a mask. on the day she supposed to reveal her face to public, she fainted in the toilet n sent to the hospital. at the same time, a guy named Jeong Tae was rescued from a collapsed building[its a shopping mall if im not mistaken]. they both reached hospital at the same time. it was fated i guess. as for Ina, her friend took advantage over her where she replaced Ina's place to perform n she revealed her face. everyone believe that she is Ina. then, Ina was shocked by her health report. the doctor told her that she has leukimia n she can't live long unless they found the suitable bone marrow for her.

as for Jeong Tae, doctor discovered that he got a brain tumour and its in the last stage. they meet each other on the roof top of the hospital. but she's cold to him. it turns up when Ina found out her career was taken over by her friend,she was so mad n disappointed. Jeong Tae had planned to run away from the hospital n he accidentally meet her in the toilet,crying. he took her with him. n thats how they get closer. sadly, they have very little time to spend together. :( at the end, Jeong Tae died n left her a song. im not sure bout the title, according to the drama, it says ''Nagging'' but in youtube the title is ''Scolded''. whatever it is, the lyrics are quite unique. its funny yet caring n can make people touched at the same time. i love the soundtracks. check on my playlist, the song entitled ''Don't Love Her" is from this mini drama. :) the other song is "Toc toc toc". nice song. i set it as my ringtone. :P

its a new record!

yes it is! this is my first time utilizing my blog. trust me. i've been creating blog over n over again but it just left undone. :P so today, i was so determined to have my own blog. n here it is :)
im not going to post my daily life here cuz i don't think its interesting enough to be shared on public. haha. maybe i'll use it to post something very useful to share with others?or maybe recommendation? hmm..maybe i should tell a little bit bout myself first? haha. lame.

m just a girl in my 20s. love musics. n fruits. but i don't eat fish n veggies. don't ask me why. i just hate them. n yes, i have a good taste on fashion. trust me, i should be a stylist or something similar. whatever. not a programmer. i don't have the gift n thats why m dying to survive studying all that stuff. lol.

i have a bf n i love him more than u know :P